The environment you work in is changing.
The pace of change is increasing.

Opportunities created by globalisation, demographic shifts, and technological advancements are impacting traditional jobs and industries.

To maintain, or exceed, current competitive and productivity outcomes, Australian business leaders need to evolve their business practices, up-skill and adapt to the changing environment they work in.


Adapt. Lead. Thrive.

MBA Foundation Strategy


Creating a Vision
Where, Why & How
Driving Change
Creativity & Innovation

MBA Foundation Leadership


Influence & Direction
Passion & Purpose
Results & Empathy
Mindfulness & Resilience

MBA Foundation Customers


Marketing Techniques
The Rise of Digital
Magic Moments
Communication to Engage

MBA Foundation Numbers


Economic Thinking
Financial Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
Strategic Analysis

Introducing the MBA Foundation

Education and upskilling is a traditionally drawn out process, as managers either look for a suite of shorter learning development programs or invest in larger higher education degrees that take years to attain. Both options provide results; however, AIM is pleased to introduce an option that blends the two, providing participants with learning outcomes aligned to key MBA outcomes, and delivered in a practical and efficient 5-day setting.

Built from core MBA courses, the unaccredited MBA Foundation takes you on a targeted 5-day journey of education and upskilling. Not just academic, the MBA Foundation is bolstered by elements of AIM Short Courses, giving you the opportunity to immediately apply your learning and new skills to your current role. Return to the office informed, enabled, and ready to lead.

Is the MBA Foundation right for you?

Whether you are new to management, are looking to expand your knowledge, or want to stand out and position yourself to excel. The MBA Foundation has been specifically designed for all professionals who are wanting immediate results and are not ready for a full MBA.

Wanting to take a step forward? The MBA Foundation is right for you.
For more than 75 years the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has been a driving force in professional training and education, and is the preferred partner for Australia’s leading organisations. This heritage gives AIM unmatched understanding of the current and future state of work.

How to Enrol

To join one of our upcoming MBA Foundation courses, contact your dedicated learning advisor on 1300 658 337 or enrol below.

Our Campuses


Level 2, 83 Currie Street,
Adelaide, SA 5000

AIM Campus - Adelaide, SA


Level 9, 295 Ann Street,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

AIM Campus - Brisbane, QLD


Ground Floor, 14 Childers Street,
Canberra, ACT 2601

AIM Campus - Canberra, ACT


Level 20, 380 La Trobe Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

AIM Campus - Melbourne, NSW


Ground floor, 7 Macquarie Place,
Sydney NSW 2000

AIM Campus - Sydney, NSW

Ben Foote, CEO, Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Ben Foote, AIM CEO

I’m so excited to introduce this game changing 5-day course. Being able to come away with a bulk of knowledge and practical ability across key leadership elements will allow our students to be empowered for success.

Steve Fearns, Facilitator, Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Steve Fearns, AIM Facilitator

The MBA Foundation has been designed based on the ever-changing business environment. We are providing our students with the skills, tools & strategies that will make them great leaders not just now, but well into the future.

Looking for our fully accredited MBA?

If you are interested in attaining a Masters of Business Administration, the AIM Business School MBA+ is fully accredited to strict government standards. A highly flexible degree, the MBA+ also gives you five years of unmatched exclusive benefits to support your success long after you graduate.

Find out more about the MBA+